Marketing at the Savoy Cinema

After visiting The Prince Charles Cinema countless times, I began to wonder why independent cinema’s like my little London wonder – are not popular across the nation. I mean, it’s not like people don’t enjoy watching films, and it’s not like people don’t like watching films at the cinema. So why does the UK severely lack in the independent cinema market? Because it’s an expensive luxury that only London can afford I imagine.

(This is the Prince Charles Cinema Homepage – events like these are what we should be able to attend in every city)

But here me out, The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square offers the city a chance to go back to the cinema to see the favourite classics inexpensively and usually with a kick ass theme. For example, Halloween is just around the corner, so there showings in October are horror themed – and not just any horror films, the awesome horror films. The ones that people love and that never get old – such as Friday the 13th and Halloween (which is the Monday Double Bill showing on the 8th October). This cinema is a gold mine because it offers the awesome classics over and over again, for cheap and regularly, and people just can’t get enough (myself being one of them). I’ve been going since September 2010 – when I first started my degree – and I can honestly say, it has just gotten more popular each year.

So, with that in mind, I ransacked the internet looking for a cinema that had a similar capability in my local are (Nottingham) and came across the Savoy Cinema. As soon as I saw “If you want to see a particular favourite old film on the big screen, we will do our best to find it for private screening.” – I got straight into writing an email to the owner. I queried whether or not he would be interested in running something similar like the Prince Charles – he was sceptical due to funding however he did agree to let me advertise a screening of Top Gun in November. This event will run on 13th November (tbc) and it will be a chance to see your favourite Tom Cruise movie on the big screen again.


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