Film Reviewing with WayTooIndie


WayTooIndie is an independent film and music review website that regularly posts articles regarding new and old independent films and ‘on-the-scene’ music and fresh albums. Being given the opportunity to write for such a popular website is the one of the best experiences I’ve had during the course of this module. It has driven me to be organised and to be critical of my writing skills and to proof read everything. Dustin has been very supportive of my work and continues to help me with my film sources. After offering to send me the film review submissions he gets through the site, my workload has doubled. This is not a bad thing as I have been able to see some beautiful work done by independent filmmakers. I hope to progress as a writer and within the independent film industry, to work on my relationships with the team of American writers for WTI and hopefully attend festivals in order to keep updated within the independent filmmaking world.


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