Skills Learnt, Problems Solved and Responsibilities

Skills Learnt

The Savoy Cinema:
Working for the cinema has pushed me to learn new graphic designing skills and to utilise the internet to advertise events through social media. I have learnt new Photoshop tools and used them in designing the Top Gun leaflet and the promotional posters for The Godfather charity night. I have been able to pitch an idea to someone with the abilities to make it happen, I have had to be professional and know exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it.

County Youth Arts:
On my first evening with the children at the Old Library I was asked to introduce myself to the class and work along side Ian Dearman to encourage the pupils to speak up and tell the class why they were here and what they most enjoyed about the cinema. For this I had to find a lot of confidence as I had never been in a situation like that before, where younger people needed me to show an example. On my third week of volunteering Ian offered to teach me how to work my Cannon 660D camera as I had just purchased one. He taught me new skills in focusing/changing the aperture and shutter speed – I can now take lovely images and not have to rely on the auto-settings!

Writing for this movie review website has given me invaluable new skills. I am now able to write a review, as before signing up all I had written previously were film analysis, which are a lot easier! Now I am able to comfortably write a review in just under an hour, where when I started it would take me at least two to figure out what I wanted to say! I have learnt to be professional in my writing technique and how to structure my paragraphs in order to successfully progress the review without giving away any spoilers.

Problems Solved

I have come across various different problems in each of my areas of work experience, one being for The Savoy Cinema. I had struggled to distribute the leaflets I’d designed to advertise the showing, as the only times I was able to get into Nottingham to do so was at night and unfortunately in the rain. I then decided that if we were going to get the most amount of people to see it that we could, I needed to focus my attention on the area surrounding the cinema rather than the actual city centre. I chose to distribute to the leaflets through the doors of houses local to the cinema and therefore raise awareness to the people most likely to go.

Working at with the County Youth Arts team, Ian had decided to teach the children how to use an editing software on the Mac’s and I had never used it before and therefore knew I wouldn’t be much help. As Ian began teaching the class I followed as well and was trying out everything he was telling the children as quickly as I could so that I could then also help the pupils if they needed – fortunately they picked it up very quickly and one of them even showed me a thing or two!


I was given much responsibility during my work experience roles, especially for The Savoy Cinema. I was able to take full control over the event management and thankfully it had a success outcome. I worked very hard in meeting graphic deadlines and promoting the site on social media networks at the best times to receive most attention. I have had to work by myself for most of my work experience and push myself to meet the deadlines set by my superiors. This has benefited me very much so as I am able to prioritise my workload in order to successfully accomplish my goals.


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