Reflecting on Expectations and Actual Outcomes

At the beginning of this module I was worried that my choices of work experience would not benefit as I wanted them to. I was sceptical to choose such specific areas and nervous that I was wasting an opportunity to gain valuable experience within the media.

I had spent a lot of time researching into different places and I had an idea of what I wanted to apply for and what I didn’t. My time would not necessarily been wasted had I chosen to find work with a studio or editing company, but I feel that because of the experience I have gained, I’m glad I chose an orthodox route.

Going into the areas I did my expectations were not set high, I was hoping I’d get some experience but wasn’t counting on loving what I did I just wanted to see what was out there.

For the experience undertook at The Savoy Cinema, my expectations were that I’d suggest an idea to the cinema manager and hope that he gave me some involvement in marketing the screening of Top Gun. Instead I was given free control of all marketing and graphic design for the showing, I also had the chance to broadcast what we were doing on the University of Nottingham’s radio station. So my actual outcomes from this experience were beyond my imagination and I am thoroughly grateful for everything The Savoy Cinema allowed me to do. I have come away with a fantastic reference from Lizzie the marketing manager and an understanding of how to raise awareness for different events.

My time at the County Youth Arts, albeit very short, I enjoyed the involvement with the children and offering them advise and encouragement when I could. I went in thinking that I wouldn’t receive much respect and the children would see me as another pupil, however the treated me like a teaching assistant and asked for my help when they needed it. I really enjoyed working at the Old Library and I take away with me an understanding of what some of the children in my local area enjoy and what they hope to accomplish creatively.

Interning at SimplyFilm at first was incredible, I spent a lot of time focusing on my choice of descriptions and my paragraph structures, and was so excited to see it publish on their website. This unfortunately did not benefit me as much as I had hoped as they were a relaxed review site and didn’t publish articles very often so I wasn’t able to learn as much as I wanted.

Writing for WayTooIndie has helped shape me into someone who is interested in independent films as well as cinema, and will contribute to my portfolio even after this module ends. I have been taken on full time, even if it is for free, I am trying to write weekly reviews as often as I can do in order to become a valuable asset to the team and at the same time boost my film critic name. From writing my first review on this website, I believe I have progressed leaps and bounds in order to write to a professional standard with also on occasion an entertaining factor. I was again very excited to join the writing team of WTI and have not been disappointed at all.


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