Interning at Simply Film

Having spent quite a lot of time over the summer researching information for my dissertation I stumbled across SimplyFilm – a website aimed at reviewing and analysing films. The authors of this site are very good in what they write and how they express their opinions. I was also taken in by the design of their website; it was very simple, and all about film – so their title was spot on.

I emailed SimplyFilm and asked if they would consider taking me on as an intern writer so that I could receive help in writing high quality articles and also to have my work published on a popular film site. I was so pleased to hear back from them and that they’d like to take me on and allow me to write for them. The choice of film to review/analyse was entirely up to me, I was asked to write the article from an angle that hadn’t necessarily been looked at before – or wasn’t widely expressed. My first article American Beauty: The American Dream was published on the 20th September 2012.

Unfortunately Simply Film did not publish their articles quick enough for mine to get put up so I found a new review website to work for which allows me to write weekly.


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