Volunteering for County Youth Arts

Two weeks ago I started my placement with Nottinghamshire County Council where I will be helping Ian Dearman teach 13-19 year olds filmmaking skills (as well as myself…). In the first week we sat and discussed what we liked about the film industry and why we were interested in this project. Many of the students were quite quiet, however all have enthusiasm for learning more about new skills and technology. The group itself is small, with only 8 people, this I believe is what will make the project a success as we will be able to focus on small or large projects as a very close team.

My role in this project will be to help the students out when I can do, for instance if they require help with technology, editing or production problems. I am also there for any creativity I can give to people in order to maximise the way they tell their stories.

This last week the students had a go at filming each other with handheld devices so they could practice putting together their footage in iMovie. I had never used iMovie before so that was also great for me to learn. Ian also helped me understand my Canon 600D camera so that I will be able to use it for professional use if I need to as I will be teaching myself photography over this next year.


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