Over the summer, rather than taking it easy before my final year of University (which I probably should have done!), I decided I’d try to organise and publish an online journal for other writers to showcase their work. It began quite small with just four or five regular writers, but as the weeks went on and the interest grew, so did the amount of writers we were receiving. I had been advertising through Gumtree for creative writers to have a look at OriginalGreasySpoon.com and see if they’d like to use it as a platform for their work to be seen. This allowed for the website to become more diverse in its’ content and through posting regularly we were able to maintain an average view count of 50+ a day.

The idea of the website was designed around the concept of being an online American Diner – a place you could visit to relax and enjoy a good read and discuss if necessary with others. The title and logo for the site represent this.

Because the site became quite popular, I came up with the idea of having “The Sunday Specials” – this gave our viewers something constant each week that was familiar to them as having diverse content is interesting, it’s not always reliable. However the Specials were a hit and it gave us the opportunity to advertise (for free) so that other websites would recommend us, or send their followers over to OGS through mentioning us via their social networking sites. I also introduced a regular writer called Elle Vodovich who wrote somewhat of a weekly column. For some pieces of writing, a regular sized article wasn’t suitable so therefore these became “Featured” articles, this meant that they would receive personalised graphics for their article titles and given the *featured* label and category so that viewers would know they were lengthy and a bit more focused in their discussion.

Currently I’m having to take a break from the website due to my other responsibilities and commitments related to my degree but I hope to improve and increase the sites potential within the next year or so.


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